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Alice is a fantastic, caring and loving veterinary surgeon. She is thoroughly professional and tremendously compassionate. We have been blessed to have Alice as our vet for 8 years and in that time she has looked after our two dogs and cat with incredible care and dedication. One of our dogs was diagnosed with epilepsy and Alice took huge amounts of time to find the best drug for him – the initial drugs prescribed by our previous vet had actually made his epilepsy worse. She has made herself available to us night and day, and answered our concerns and calls with true patience and kindness. We can’t sing her praises highly enough and we are incredibly fortunate to have such a caring and professional person to work with.

— Alan Macintosh, Owner of Alfie and Pie

Being an energetic ex-working dog Daisy still requires a lot of exercise even as she is approaching old age rapidly. She tells me the best she can about her painful back and forelimbs and occasionally her hip and hind leg pain also. There has also been muscle loss over these areas over the past months. Alongside a special diet and supplement support which has helped a little, I decided to try acupuncture as another approach to help Daisy become more comfortable in her body. Right from the very first treatment Daisy reacted amazingly well to having the needles put in at various points on her body – and was relaxed enough to decide to have a snooze instead of reacting as I was worried she might. Alice put Daisy (and me!) right at ease by explaining what she was doing, and as far as Daisy was concerned she was getting lovely focused attention and lots of cuddles and pats! As the process is the same for each treatment session, now Daisy anticipates what is about to happen and will happily take her place on the mat before being asked and will start to snooze off as the first couple of needles are placed! The most obvious benefits of the acupuncture were most obvious to me when we had to take a break from it for several weeks due to holiday, and it was then that she started licking her forelegs again and staining her fur from this constant licking as her sign to me that parts of her were hurting. I would definitely recommend acupuncture as an approach for any owner of an older dog or a dog with joint or chronic issue as it’s a great drug-free compliment to other treatment.

— Kathy, Owner of Daisy

I worked with Alice during her Head Vet role in PDSA Brighton. My first impressions were that she was an excellent communicator with the clients and the team. I was also impressed by her ability to inspire and motivate the team with such ease. During the months we worked together, she was driven to make the changes she wanted, always aiming for success. Alice is a broad thinker, with the great ability to work around problems. I witnessed countless times her ability to manage difficult client or employee situations, with great diplomatically and success.

Lastly, Alice was an inspirational vet to work with, easy to talk to and patient when teaching. She had a keen client following and always strived to practice gold standard with whatever means she had available.

— David Kazemi, Vet at PDSA Brighton